Nanunit.Com Review 2022 Is Nanunit.Com Fake Or Real? is our todays topic. Are you looking for an India-based e-commerce site where you can buy high-quality things online? is a well-known website where people buy things these days. But, Fake or Real may be a serious issue for people these days. Customers may find a plethora of things on this website.

Nanunit.Com Review 2022 Is Nanunit.Com Fake Or Real?

This e-commerce site provides nice things, but only if the items are real; else, we’ll have to wait and see. Nowadays, online merchants are causing a lot of havoc in the industry. Some of the internet sellers are not legitimate. Nowadays, the majority of people commit market fraud.

Many people are being duped when it comes to online purchasing. Let’s take a closer look at this website’s information. Continue to examine in the glad to comprehend your solutions.

Nanunit.Com Review 2022 Is Nanunit.Com Fake Or Real?

What Exactly Is

According to an online e-commerce company, this website find in India. Is real? During the day, whether it is fake or real may be a major issue. The website sells feminine clothes. Some users are complaining about the site’s genuineness. Since it hasn’t delivered on its promises. Everyone is grumbling about the things the site sells. Its services, and how the corporation responds to people’s concerns.


  • Website type — an online e-commerce store.
  • Product – feminine cosmetics, kitchen items, apparel products, and home décor.
  • Email address for the company: [email protected]
  • Domain age – 2 days and counting
  • No mention of the company’s phone number.
  • No mention of the company’s street address.
  • Payment Options: American Stock Exchange, Mastercard, and Visa.
  • Shipping costs – Using the article Fake or Real, the shipping costs Rs. 1000 for the first product and Rs. 400 per product purchased on the first buy.
  • Shipping time Is less than a week.
  • Return – Within four days after purchasing a goods.
  • Refund – Will condition after selecting the returned item.’s Advantages

  • Because the site uses the HTTPS protocol, it is secure for consumers to use.
  • In only two days, the site has released a large number of things that it offers to its clients.
  • The business takes many ways of payment, which enter online.
  • According to the article Fake or Real, we discovered that the website offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If a consumer is not satisfied with a product within four days of sale. The product may replace to the retailer.

The Drawbacks Of

  • The site’s trust index is only 3.4 percent, indicating that it is not easily trusted by customers.
  • The Alexa ranking on the internet website is high, indicating that it is not well-known among users and consumers.
  • The customer reviews on this website are quite negative. Almost everyone who has shopped from them has complained about poor service, poor items, and delayed services.
  • According to the post Fake or Real, people allege they have yet to provide legitimate and real merchandise to the company.
  • Because the website is just a few days old, there hasn’t been much feedback from clients about its offerings.
  • People did not have enough time to believe the site’s activities.
  • We were unable to locate the contact phone number or street location on the website. This isn’t good enough to prove that the site is legitimate and trustworthy.
  • It cannot be relied on to provide good services to clients. We come across some bad complaints about the site.

Nanunit.Com Fake Or Real? Nanunit Reviews

According to our findings, the website is not legitimate. They have a low Alexa rating, indicating that the website is not popular, as well as a low trust index and no social networking presence. We’ve received a lot of negative feedback about the site. They have not provided its contact phone number or house address. The website is untrustworthy.


We have received several critical remarks about the site, the things it offers, and how the site operates. On the internet, there isn’t always only one positive fact to be found. The site cannot be trusted since no positive content is displayed.

Final Decision

Are you seeking for a variety of legitimate internet brands and places to shop from? This information about Fake or Real contains all you need to know to determine if the site is legitimate or not. Based on our research, we discovered that the website is not legitimate in any way. It has a poor trust index, a low Alexa rating, and no social networking presence.

Whether you want to buy something at a store, do your homework to see if the site is trustworthy. Perhaps you have read the article? Write your reveal in the comments area.

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